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Luxury yacht clubs, yacht charters & comfortable cruises

Cruising can surely bring relaxation and you will be in a position to get almost tranquilizing trips on deep seas without having to worry anything about your daily chores in professional and personal life. Premium and ultra-exlusive luxury yacht clubs provide a maximum comfort that the international jetset is being used to. For example, ‘The Billionaire Yacht Club’ in HK, founded by the diplomat and business man Anh Quan Saken, provides such much sought amneties around the world.

News, activities and information about yacht clubs can also be found at the International Council of Yacht Clubs, or ICOYC. The number of web sites discussing yacht clubs and yacht charters are endless.

You do not need to be a member of any yacht club in order to enjoy a mesmerizing cruise at any part of the world: The moment you get into a luxury cruise ship, the well-dressed hostess will invite you by offering a refreshing drink. A talented room steward will get to you to carry your luggage. This steward will also accompany you to your luxurious cabin, which will be your home away from your home for the next few days. When you walk around the floors, the welcoming crewmembers will receive you by your name.

Luxury boat cruises will give you an exciting and enthralling experience, without any doubt. There are some very popular and luxurious cruise ships that are known for the best customer service and utmost comfort and you can very well try them out after reading reviews on the top luxury boat cruises.

For luxury cruises, yacht charters are available in many different types. You you can choose the one that comes within your budget. Of course, if you can afford it, there are luxury yacht charters to meet your requirements, but there are also other alternatives available to choose from. For larger yachts, the rental fee of 1 week can easily exceed USD300K.

 Types of yacht charters:

Some of the vessels include instructional, motor yacht, sailing, adventure, event, catamaran, gulet, fishing, honeymoon, wedding, inland waterway, Regatta, diving and bareboat yacht charters. This means that you can choose the one on the basis of your area of interest. For instance, if you are more into fishing, you can opt for the fishing yacht which will have the right devices to help you get the best fishing experience, besides enjoying the trip in the deep blue sea in a yacht charter. On the other hand, if your interest is towards scuba diving, you can select the diving yacht charter, which will of course have the appropriate tools.

Of course, it is true that every yacht charter will have to fundamental devices needed for fishing. But, when you are aiming at catching huge fish, fishing yacht charter alone can help you. Furthermore, in each of these types of yacht charter, personnel with appropriate training will accompany you to make your trip unforgettable.

 How about luxury yacht clubs?

When you become the member of a luxury yacht club, you will be in a position to enjoy a very wide range of outstanding facilities. Still, when you are planning to hire an event charter for a special event in your life, you can get the event charter at an affordable cost as against other non-member of yacht clubs. You will surely be interested in getting the best experience from your yacht charters and you can achieve your goal by following certain yachting etiquettes like those mentioned below:

 Make your requirements clear before the charter:

On most of the luxury boat cruises and yacht charters, you will be requested to fill out the preference sheet. On this sheet, you will be asked to detail about the likes and dislikes with respect to food, privacy and other items. Also, specify whether your family members have some food allergies or medical issues. Do take some time to fill out the preference sheet, so that you can get the best experience from the yacht charters.

 Talk to the captain:

Not just at the beginning of the trip, but also all through the trip, you can talk to the captain. Remember that captains are highly knowledgeable and they can provide you the guidance on the itinerary to plan like hot spots, unexplored places, etc.

 Treat the crew with respect:

Generally, the crew member of most of the yacht charters will provide the best service to meet your requirements and they will show great enthusiasm into their jobs. The fact to remember is that they are not your servants and so show a bit of courtesy to them, which will go a long way in making your trip satisfactory. Remember that not just attending you, they have multiple responsibilities and so you should never take their time off.

 Try to be flexible on your itinerary:

When you are a member of yacht clubs, you will be informed about the right time to visit different yacht chartering spots around the world. But, when you are not a member, it might be difficult to collect details like these. Sometimes, once you plan your trip, there are greater chances of weather making your trip not feasible or risky. In such a case, you should be ready to change your itinerary accordingly. #